Fluoride – Dangers of Fluoridation

01 Jul 2014 | 61,440 Views

Increasing numbers of US cities are considering removing this neurotoxin from municipal water supplies.

12 Jun 2014 | 167,229 Views

They’re linked to serious health risks like infertility, birth defects, reduced IQ, and at least 4 types of cancer. Yet, they’re lurking in nearly every corner of your home. What you must know to protect your family, including how to really interpret Bill TB117…

28 Dec 2013 | 264,586 Views

Scientists found traces of 18 unregulated contaminants in one-third of the samples collected from 25 US areas. One of the most common contaminants has been linked to infertility, thyroid disease, and cancer in animals. Are you drinking http://www.kalkberg-zahnaerzte.de/Astehtik-/-Zahnaufhellung/endo-bleaching-walking-bleach-technik.html it?

24 Dec 2013 | 40,720 Views

An electrical fault doubled levels of fluoride in one Australian town’s drinking water, raising concerns about the safety of this controversial practice.

29 Oct 2013 | 50,461 Views

The fluoride added to your drinking water could be having unforeseen effects on your reproductive health.

08 Oct 2013 | 235,865 Views

Hyped as a measure to improve health, even though 100 animal studies link it to brain damage and 25 human studies show it lowers IQ. So why is it being dumped into your child’s milk carton?

08 Sep 2013 | 330,028 Views

If this rider is passed, it will cut back on a lot of the EPA’s work and prevent the phasing out of this toxic fumigant found in pizza, omelets, pancakes, cookies, and cake – where the allowable levels are astronomical and may produce a number of adverse health effects…

13 Aug 2013 | 235,335 Views

Most people don’t realize how much arsenic is hidden in this thirst-quenching drink, or how it threatens their health. There are two ways it gets there and only one way to get it out…

04 Jun 2013 | 199,945 Views

And that’s because, despite the campaign to deceive them, they were smart enough to say “no” to the misleading ads and editorials promoting a substance known to lower the IQ of your kids and is linked to brain damage, chronic fatigue, cancer growth and arthritic symptoms…

30 Apr 2013 | 128,091 Views

If you drink water from a municipal supply in the US, you’re probably drinking fluoridated water; here are 10 eye-opening fluoride facts that are imperative to understand.